The winter season begins in road maintenance, IntrinWay supports decision making

When the autumn comes the winter season begins in the winter road maintenance. The maintenance pros monitor the road weather conditions in real time and make fast decisions on the actions needed. Safe driving conditions are a result of the right maintenance actions carried out at the right time. IntrinWay supports the maintenance supervisors in this decision making by providing a clear and visual information on the present road weather and its development.

Road safety is the first priority, but the right decisions on the maintenance actions also help to optimize the maintenance costs.

IntrinWay is a road weather visualization and decision support application for road maintenance professionals as well as for traffic centers and research units. Read more about IntrinWay and our RWIS services.

There is no snow cover yet even in Lapland Finland but the autumn colors can be seen in the IntrinWay weather camera pictures from Kilpisjärvi and Nuorgam: