The city of Tampere is preparing for IoT

The city of Tampere is developing a model for IoT projects. The development work is a co-operation between Smart Tampere organization and companies operating in this field. The aim is to create a Smart City IoT project specification which includes the IoT reference architecture and policies for data licencing and interfaces. The document works as a guideline in planning, designing and procurement of the coming IoT projects of the city of Tampere.

In a large organization the information systems tends to form silos, i.e. individual systems that are unable to operate with any other systems. This results inefficiency in administration and operations of the city. And at the end this can effect in the quality of public services. The unified IoT specification is one tool to avoid building silos in the future projects. The city will also publish part of the coming IoT data sets as open data. This enables companies to develop products and services based on the data provided by the city.

The development work is done in workshops including experts from the city and the companies. The city is responsible for the business know-how and the restrictions. The companies brings in their expertise in the different areas of IoT. The specification document is planned to be ready for publication in February 2018 and is then available for everybody. Intrinsic is participating in the development work.

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