Finnish software company

Over 30 years of experience in producing quality software

Intrinsic Ltd is a Finnish software company established in 1984. We increase our customers’ productivity through customized information systems and take end-to-end responsibility for our performance throughout the lifecycle of each system investment.

We have solid understanding and experience of providing added value to customers. The profitability of system investments is ensured through timely implementation and delivery of information systems.

We provide selected customer segments with high standard systems for information collection and management. Our solutions are divided into road weather information and traffic management systems and industrial quality control systems – all designed to facilitate the management and optimization of changing conditions.

In terms of technology, these systems share the capacity for demanding information collection from measuring instruments, combined with database information management, information analyses and end-user applications enabling the utilization of gathered information. We deliver systems that communicate seamlessly with other information systems.

Our service offering consists of needs-based solution consulting, project services ensuring end-to-end management as well as system development and maintenance services. Our office is located in the center of Tampere, Finland.

Sustainability and stability

We are committed to maintaining and developing the systems delivered throughout their lifecycle. Customers no longer have to tolerate interruptions caused by technology migrations or discontinuities in system use and development. In a long-term partnership, both the customer and the supplier are precisely aware of the current stage of a system’s lifecycle, which enables fast response also to unexpected development needs.

In addition to the delivered systems, all related changes are always thoroughly tested before adoption. Once put into production use, the systems must work flawlessly.

Proficiency and responsibility

Our personnel take responsibility for their performance. Work once completed does not vanish into cyberspace, but is reflected directly in the development of customer-specific systems and related end-user responses. Naturally, we consider it a matter of honor to keep these responses positive. Our staff has extended experience in the development of demanding information systems and in direct cooperation with customers. Most of our employees hold a Master of Science in Technology.


The quality of information systems is premised on the understanding of customers’ business and also requires professionally competent personnel, disciplined production processes and an end-to-end management approach. Intrinsic’s software production process is continuously tested by customers for the ability to deliver high quality.


Intrinsic was founded in 1984 by four Tampere University of Technology students. Unix was just breaking out from the world of software gurus to become a real commercial operating system especially for the technical applications market. The platform independence, which Unix in principle offered, was something totally new in the IT industry. However, applications and services were needed to open the markets for Unix-based hardware. The basic business idea of Intrinsic was to take this application and service market by storm.

During the first few years, the operation was very technology-oriented. Close cooperation was done with Hewlett-Packard and other Unix hardware vendors. First products were editor application Eddie and text processing application Wordie. At this time, the revenue came mainly from consultancy work and software development services for other companies using Unix platform, for example Valmet Automation.

C was the language to write applications for Unix. Before Unix and C, almost all technical applications were written in Fortran. This gave us the idea to develop a Fortran 77 to C cross compiler. The resulting product was called C-77, and the challenge was to build an international distribution network for it. It succeeded well; among the customers of C-77 were NASA, CERN, Intel, Aermacchi and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Training services were also a part of the product mix. There was a great demand for Unix and C related training at that time. Intrinsic was the first company in Finland to offer commercial training in the field of relational databases.

At the end of the eighties,Unix and related technologies had become part of everyday life in the IT industry. It was time to switch focus from technology to customers and providing solutions.

Intrinsic had a lot of experience in developing technical applications for the process industry. Based on this experience, the decision was made to focus on industrial information collection applications. This led to two main solution streams: industrial quality control systems and road weather and traffic management systems. These still are the foundation of our operation.

From the start to the present, technologies, operation environments and ITindustry and management trends have changed several times and required adaptation to new conditions. Learning, applying knowledge in finding the best solutions to the customer, proficiency and high quality of work have been the leading thoughts at Intrinsic since the beginning. Intrinsic is one of the oldest independent and running IT-companies in Finland. The managing director is one of the founders.

Work and people

At Intrinsic, professional software development is a well-balanced combination of creativity, discipline, agility and responsibility.

We are always interested in skilled individuals with hands-on software development experience and the right attitude. At Intrinsic, your work will consist of interesting and professionally challenging software projects. You will also see how your efforts will facilitate the daily routines of customers.

We work within normal working hours and avoid overtime whenever possible. We believe that an inspiring atmosphere and excellent working conditions lead to excellent customer satisfaction.

The tools and technologies in use include modern web application development tools, .NET, databases and map server software solutions.

If you are interested in working at Intrinsic, please email your open application to careers(at)