Time for snowy roads also in Southern Finland, IntrinWay introduces enhanced tools for decision making

In Lapland the winter season is already on. Snow and temperatures below zero are expected also in Southern Finland soon. The winter time maintenance professionals have started their work to ensure safe driving conditions for all the road users.

The maintenance procedures are based on continuous real-time road weather monitoring, decisions and actions taken by the maintenance pros. To ensure road safety is the first priority, but the right decisions on the maintenance actions also help to optimize the maintenance costs, for example by minimizing the usage of salt. IntrinWay is the tool to help with this task.

IntrinWay is a road weather visualization and decision support application for road maintenance professionals as well as for traffic centres and research units.

The new version of IntrinWay comes with many fresh features and enhancements to support the decision making. For example, new tools for opening and exploring camera and weather station information from the map view. As well as many shortcuts and usability enhancements in camera and curve views. Just to mention a few. Please contact Intrinsic or download a fact sheet for more information.

Winter in Lapland is beautiful and fascinating. See below the snowy scenes in the IntrinWay weather camera pictures from Kilpisjärvi.

Road weather camera picture from Kilpisjärvi, Finland 8.11.2021.
“Poor driving conditions” in Kilpisjärvi, Finland 8.11.2021.