Jun 27, 2018

IoT has an important role in the coming IT-projects of The City of Tampere. Effective utilization of the information from IoT-systems makes it possible to produce city services in a cost effective way. The City of Tampere has released a guideline document to help the city staff and other stakeholders in data openness, utilization and authorization in the coming IT-projects.

Jan 2, 2018

The city of Tampere is developing a model for IoT projects. The development work is a co-operation between Smart Tampere organization and companies operating in this field. The aim is to create a Smart City IoT project specification which includes the IoT reference architecture and policies for data licencing and interfaces. The document works as a guideline in planning, designing and procurement of the coming IoT projects of the city of Tampere.

Sep 20, 2017

When the autumn comes the winter season begins in the winter road maintenance. The maintenance pros monitor the road weather conditions in real time and make fast decisions on the actions needed. Safe driving conditions are a result of the right maintenance actions carried out at the right time. IntrinWay supports the maintenance supervisors in this decision making by providing a clear and visual information on the present road weather and its development.

Jun 12, 2017

The Finnish road weather conference was held in June 6-7, 2017 in Kouvola, Finland. Hot topics in this year included autonomous driving, innovations in sensor technologies and developments in road weather forecasting plus related services.